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Building bridges between medical students and researchers

🌉 Building bridges between medical students and researchers: Many medical students aim to begin working on their doctorate degree when they reach the clinical stage of their studies. This platfor connects aspiring Dr.med. candidates with research group leaders who welcome new students in their labs. As a research group leader, you can create a posting about currently open positions or introduce your group in the 'Labs' section. Medical students can exchange useful resources, advice and information in their respective field of study.

Add new posts via the forms that are linked on the bottom of every page. Find more information and guidelines in the "Info" tab. Thanks for contributing!

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This platform relies on you - share infos about your lab, post current positions, or contribute to the students' exchange site. Thank you!

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For Researchers: Introduce your lab or post current openings for medical students.
For Students: Share your experience with your peers! You can submit a record of useful resources - anonymously, if you wish.

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